Mannix Knight x This is Artful

Mannix Knight x This is Artful
12th February 2017 TheConcierge

Artful in Mannix Knight Signature Smiley

Re-rewind… This definitely is Artful, spotted in our Signature Smiley Snapback. What is he up to this time? ‘o.0’

Who’s Artful? Let me take you back to school – Mark Hill, original member of Artful Dodger and the producer and writer of tracks such as “Re-Rewind“, Fill Me In” (with Craig David) Movin’ Too Fast (with Romina Johnson) and many more.
The Artful Dodger music was primarily UK Garage way back in the late 90’s and 2000/2001, however, the current “Artful” music will cover a broad spectrum of musical genres, although my love of 2-step beats will never leave completely.

Visit his Soundcloud page to enjoy some #GoodMusic

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